"We study violence so as to escape it, prevent it, and if all else fails, utilize it ourselves to survive."

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The Defence Lab is a Realistic Martial Arts Training Center specializing in Self Defence for the Urban Environment (the Street)!

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Defence Lab Lynbrook is a private, members only Martial Arts Training Center. Call the Gym and speak with our Facility Manager Courtney Cardone. She will schedule you a FREE Trial lesson so you can check it out and see if its for you. Call 516-570-3232 (leave your name, number and a message if she doesnt […]

Pre Registration started for Fall Beginners Class

Our Summer Beginners Class which runs from July 1st to October 1st is now closed off to new students.

Pre Registration for our Fall Beginners Class which starts October 1st is now open.

Call the school to register or to set up a Free Trial Lesson at 516-570-3232

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